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Mackay is a tropical city with a great range of resorts and accommodation. There are numerous car hire operators in Mackay. Here you can compare the costs of car rentals to get the best price and save $$$$s.
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You can save a lot of money by hiring cars that are a couple of years old.

Companies like Seega Car Rentals not only offer new vehicles but a fleet of slightly older vehicles that are quite a bit cheaper than the new cars.

If you are hiring the car for a week, kilometres should not be a problem. Also pay attention to your excess (the amount you pay in an accident) This can be around $2500 but can be reduced by paying extra per day. Drivers under 25 years will generally pay extra or have a higher excess.

Vehicles are available with unlimited kilometres though you will pay extra for this option. Normally your rental will include a certain number of kilometres per day, i.e. 150 or 200kms.

Make sure that you fill the rental vehicle with fuel upon your return to avoid possible hefty charges to refill the tank by the rental company.

Make sure that you read and understand your rental agreement before you sign the documents. The agreements are normally very comprehensive due to the large number and variety of incidents experienced by some rental car companies.

Most car rental companies do not allow thier vehicles to be taken on dirt or unsealed roads. Some companies do, however, if you have an accident whilst travelling on one of these roads then your damage liability may be unlimited - so make sure of this before attempting to take your hire car one of these roads.

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By comparing the car hire quotes from a number of companies you can save a huge amount of money on car rental. It is simple and easy to compare - just select the vehicle of your choice and see who is the cheapest!

Prices do vary cosiderably so a simple check will get you the best price.

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